I am passionate about creating textile portals using delicate, historically charged materials( tea bags, silks, burlaps, recycled cloths and materials) and steeping them in natural dyes. I create these portals using techniques such as crochet, experimental quilting, and sewing.  It is my pleasure to create portals to transform the energy of space.   Textile commissions can include wall pieces that are hand dyed using natural dyes and teas as well pieces that transcend the wall (floor and ceiling pieces).

I use sound and video as a transformative portals as well, using found and original audio and visual footage to create scores and journeys that access depths rooted in African diaspora memory. I am happy and excited to create ambient soundscapes for film and website scoring.

Let’s dream and create something potent and out of this world together, please feel free to reach out with textile and sound inquiries including ideas that may not have been mentioned here, it would be a true pleasure to work with you.